ICE-ASI Membership

ICE-ASI has three types of membership: full members, individual members, and honorary members.

Full Members

Full members are non-profit SI organizations, legal by their national law and consisting of therapists, primarily OTs (may also include PTs and SLTs). A country can be represented in the ICE-ASI Council by more than one SI organization, but there is only one vote per country in the Council.

Individual Members

OTs, PTs, or SLTs who aim to support the work of ICE-ASI can become individual members. Individual members can actively work in committees and are invited to Council Meetings but don't have voting rights.

Honorary Members

Honorary members are institutions or individuals who have been of exceptional merit to  ICE-ASI and who have been nominated and accepted by EXCO.

What You Get

  1. A visible seal of quality that shows your organization's adherence to the ASI® standards of excellence in education, research, and practice (not applicable for individual members)
  2. The opportunity to participate in shaping the future of ASI through your vote in the ICE-ASI Council (one vote per country) that will decide over the further development of the international standards of education in ASI as well as the organization ICE-ASI (not applicable to individual members)
  3. A link to your organization on the ICE-ASI website
  4. The option to get your SI training program accredited 
  5. Reduced fees for 2 delegates at our international congresses ISIC (not applicable for individual members)

What You Give

1. Annual membership fees:

Full Member (SI organizations)

High Level income* countries: 300 £
Middle Level income* countries: 200 £
Low Level income* countries: 100 £

Individual Member (individual OT, PT, or SLT):
Yearly fee: 50 £

2. Active participation in committees, Council meetings, and projects

*) according to current World Bank listing  

Apply For Full Membership!

We are thrilled to get new members on board who strive to ensure validity, quality, and fidelity of SI education and practice in their country!  

If you are on the board of an SI organization and wish to apply, please follow the link to our Application Form. 

Register As An  Individual ICE-ASI  Member!

We are thrilled to get new members on board who strive to ensure validity, quality, and fidelity of SI education and practice!  

No questions asked - just thanks for supporting the ICEASI mission! 

Please make your payment to our Paypal account [email protected] together with submitting your membership registration!