Our Story

At the first international meeting initiated and hosted by Susanne Smith Roley at an SI Research Conference in 2005 in California, we were a group of like-minds with a shared vision — to promote Dr. Ayres body of work and high quality SI training around the world. We founded an informal organization, "International Collaboration for Education in Sensory Integration" (ICESI) and ran with it.

In 2018, at another International SI Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, the informal group ICESI grew into something formal and increasingly bigger: the "International Council For Education in Ayres Sensory Integration" (ICEASI).

Founding Organizations (2018)

The 10 founding member organizations of ICEASI were:
ABIS (Brazil), AEIS ( Spain), ASI WISE (UK), CLASI (USA), GSIÖ (Austria), OCCUPARE (Colombia), SAISI (South Africa), Seven Senses (Portugal), SI Network (UK), Sense ON (Turkey).