SI Congress 


International Congress / Scientific Meeting

As per the ICEASI constitution, an international congress/scientific meeting is to be held every year on a different continent: the International Sensory Integration
Congress (ISIC). 
The purpose of this regular congress is 

  1. to promote the formal exchange of the latest research related to SI
  2.  to promote informal exchanges of expertise and knowledge
  3. to support best practice of ASIĀ® education and practical application
  4. to create research networks studying sensory integration and ASIĀ®.

We welcome participation of non-members who are interested in Ayres Sensory Integration!

ISIC 2022

The next ISIC is taking place at the origins of SI, in Southern California, on July 14-16, 2022 with the title "Sensory Neural Foundations For Social Connection".

Big names in the fields of SI and autism such as Roseann Schaaf, Margret Bauman, Grace Baranek, Anita Bundy, and many more, an intriguing program, and the belated celebration of Dr Ayres 100th birthday will make this congress a once in a lifetime event! Choose between the onsite and the streaming options! 


Each day of ISIC 2022 is dedicated to one of the 3 goals of the ASI 2020 Vision:
Thursday (Scholarship: Basic and Applied Science informing and updating ASI Theory) Current research related to sensory integration and praxis

Friday (Children Understood via Comprehensive and Accessible Assessments) Research including reliability and validity of the EASI, SPM, and related measures

Saturday (Translating Research into Practice: Worldwide training and pathways to competency using ASI) Innovations in education, practice, and advocacy


ISIC 2023

In 2023 the Brazilian SI organization ABIS will host the congress.
Tentative date is mid October 2023.

Previous International SI Congresses

The first ISIC took place in 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa.
The second ISIC took place in 2019 in Hong Kong, China.
Due to Covid, the yearly schedule of ISIC was interrupted in 2020 and 2021.