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SI Clinics in the USA

Webinar #1 was recorded on June 2, 2023 and shows two of our favorite ASI clinics in the US: an OT clinic on the West coast and a PT clinic on the East coast of the USA. Both are specialized in ASI. 

SI Clinic in Spain

Webinar #2 of this series was recorded on July 21, 2023 and introduced one of our favorite ASI clinics in Spain. 

SI Clinics in South Africa

Webinar #3 was recorded on August 11, 2023 and  showcased playgrounds using ASI principles South Africa.

SI Clinics in Croatia

Webinar #4 was recorded on Sept 19, 2023 and  showcased a clinic in Croatia that uses  therapy dogs in OT-ASI, following the principles of the ASI Fidelity Measure.

SI Clinics in the UK

Webinar #5 will be recorded in January 2024 in the UK with an emphasis on providing SI intervention to bigger people and adults with fidelity to the core ASI principles.

SI Clinics in ...

Webinar #6 will be recorded in February 2024 in ...

Upcoming Webinars From This Series

From January until September we are scheduled to add one presentation of an SI space from all over the world per month to our library here on our website. Click the button to see the dates of the live recordings of the upcoming webinars for the year 2024! 

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Free Learning Opportunities Sponsored by Our Members

Several member organizations provide free learning opportunities to therapists and interested parties! Seize the opportunity to learn from leading SI experts in the world for free!


CLASI offers unparalleled insight into the study and practice of ASI for professionals. For the last couple of years, CLASI has been running a series of live webinars every summer.  They are available to you for free!

Comprehensive webinar library
The summer webinar series in 2023 was called ASI Theory Tuesdays (6 webinars).
The summer webinar series in 2022 was called ASI Treatment Tuesdays (7 webinars).

ASI Wise

The UK organization representing ASI has been sponsoring numerous free online events such as Coffee & Chat and presentations. 

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